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Yard Dog Systems is proud to introduce our cutting-edge technological system that offers scalable solutions for Waste Management fleets of all sizes.

Yard Dog is an internet delivered application whose primary function is to avoid municipal fines that are associated with missing service addresses. As these additional expenses cost haulers anywhere from $40 – $100k per month, our technology addresses this problem by supplying the accountability tools necessary to correct the deviation in real time.

Our product is centered around a highly automated operational dashboard which utilizes a combination of GPS tracking and virtual geographic boundaries to define areas of required service. Yard Dog Systems then ensures that drivers are completing required assignments by tracking trucks throughout these specified routes. Immediate notification and visual gives teams the chance to fix mistakes before monetary penalties are issued. 

We built our solutions by closely listening to our clientele and understanding their expectations with our product. We know how to analyze this information and customize our offering to changing market needs.


Why not join our fast growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the Yard Dog Systems story.

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