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  • How do I obtain the GPS telemetry to feed a system like Yard Dog?
    As a subscriber to a GPS system, you own the movement data of your trucks. This captured data is stored in data silos and warehouses, and access or sharing requires your company's permission. Upon obtaining permission, a virtual Yard Dog user will be granted access to the backend telemetry data, which in turn fuels the Yard Dog processes.
  • If I’m already paying for GPS tracking – why do I need something else?
    The effectiveness of any GPS solutions depends on the precision of human observation regarding movements and telemetry. Yard Dog excels in this aspect as an intelligent predictive technology, adept at monitoring all movements and offering real-world analysis based on them.
  • What modifications do I need to make on my trucks or to the internal processes I currently have?
    Yard Dog relies on the existing GPS telemetry infrastructure. If you are already using a GPS solution, Yard Dog establishes technological connections to capture your current truck movements. In instances where a GPS tracking solution is not in use, Yard Dog will recommend technologies already partnered with our organization and/or outline a plan for integrating a fully cohesive solution.
  • Can municipalities be giving access to this solution?
    Yard Dog stands out as the premier technology solution for sharing with municipalities. The key advantage lies in the heightened control it provides haulers over the information shared with municipal users. While sharing truck movement data may initially be uncomfortable, an increasing number of haulers are recognizing the significant benefits. The perception of a partnership is generally enhanced, strengthening contractual relationships and resulting in longer, more stable contracts.
  • Does Corporate IT need to get involved?
    Normally, Regions and Divisions serve as the subject matter experts for a system like Yard Dog. We just need IT to be informed of the engagement to ensure that backend security communications are not impeded.
  • Do my internal processes change?
    Certainly not. If you already depend on various systems and technologies for your daily operations, Yard Dog simply enhances those existing solutions by providing clearer visuals. Think of Yard Dog as a radar/sonar system bolted onto your operations, offering a clear understanding of what is directly in front of you.
  • What is Yard Dog?
    Yard Dog is an innovative technology that uniquely aligns the tangible movements of trucks with real-world boundaries, offering swift and immediate access to actionable data for any group requiring such information. Common users include Operations/Operations Support, Management, Municipalities, and Customer Support Representatives.
  • What do I do if I don’t currently have GPS tracking?
    In specific instances, haulers may not have chosen a GPS solution or may be in the midst of selecting one. In such scenarios, Yard Dog can provide a comprehensive end-to-end hardware solution already integrated with Yard Dog technology. Our solutions are competitively priced and offer a substantial discount when bundled with the Yard Dog Solution.
  • Isn’t this the same information from our backend database?
    No, it's not. Yard Dog collects data differently and operates independently of existing internal databases. While there are exchanges of information between the two systems, the overall solution offers a clear and redundant visual experience that is not dependent on the completeness (or lack thereof) of data from the traditional system.
  • How difficult is it to bring this system online?
    We provide a variety of products featuring different integration levels. The standard turnaround time for Residential and Commercial products is usually one month. Additionally, our project engineers handle the majority of the work, enabling the establishment of a suitable technology system within weeks with minimal client engagement.
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